Risk Management

Having the necessary systems in place to identify, manage and report the risk of threat to your business is a fundamental internal control. Drawing upon our experience in this field is most beneficial to assist you in developing an effective and efficient risk management process to meet regulatory or best practice requirements linking in with the strategic planning process of the business to better meet your objectives and goals.

Facilitating Executive or Board Risk Assessments 

We have facilitated over 2,000 Executive and Board workshops.  Our approach is to maximize the opportunity of assessing your business planning objectives to ensure we identify all major risks that may prevent you from achieving your objectives and goals.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Our approach to helping businesses is to ensure a system of risk management is fit for your purpose and size, customizing a solution to help your business link with its strategic objectives ensuring all risk is identified, recorded, managed and reported maximizing piece of mind, added benefits include:

Risk Management Effectiveness Reviews

As an experienced non-executive audit committee chairman, I asked what independent assurance is available to the audit committee, that the key risks to the organisation have been identified, recorded and effectively managed? At times, independent assurance for this is somewhat difficult to obtain. Here at Audit & RiskFX our partners have developed a programme to independently assess the effectiveness of your risk management process, to give stakeholders such as the Board and audit committee the comfort from an independent review that they need to ensure the company is protecting itself as well as it can from risk.

Should you wish to have an informal discussion about an effectiveness review of your risk management process, please call, Paul on 07734 013193 or at paul@audit-riskfx.com we look forward to hearing from you.